Best Neighborhoods in Clarington for Families: Durham Region

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Are you a first-time buyer feeling overwhelmed in a competitive real estate market? You may be planning to upsize to accommodate your growing family. 

Maybe you’re considering downsizing and anxious about finding a space that fits your new lifestyle. Or are you relocating and grappling with the intricacies of a synchronized sale and purchase? 

If any of these resonate, you’ve come to the right place for guidance.

We wrote this blog post to offer an insightful look into Clarington’s neighborhoods. Each has its unique appeal that caters to varying family needs.

To give you an overview, what are the best neighborhoods in Clarington for families?

  • Bowmanville: Exceptional livability with affordable living costs.
  • Courtice: Good mix of suburban charm and amenities.
  • Newcastle: Outstanding quality of life with equal cost of living.
  • Orono: Higher median income with a tight-knit community feel.

In Clarington, families can live in four main urban areas, each with its own special features. We’ll examine these areas one by one, from the fourth-best to the very best. 

We’ll help families like yours figure out the best place to live.

4. Orono: Neighbourhood with High Median Income

Orono is fourth on our list because:

  • The livability Score only sits at 49/100
  • The cost of living is slightly higher than the Clarington average
  • The crime rate is also slightly higher than the Clarington average.

That said, Orono still boasts a solid median income of $98,156. It’s 12% higher than the Ontario average. 

Plus, the community enjoys access to Rickard Neighbourhood Park and Orono Park. Families can explore Jungle Cat World, an exotic animal sanctuary that educates and entertains.

Fast-food options like Subway and Popeyes also provide quick dining solutions for busy families.

3. Newcastle: High Livability Score Even Within the Durham Region

Third-ranked Newcastle is notable for its exceptional 77/100 Livability Score. Its crime rates are 1% lower than the Clarington average. 

Curious about the financial landscape? Newcastle’s cost of living aligns with the Clarington average. But the median income is a noteworthy $111,666.

It’s home to well-known schools, including Newcastle Public School. It also has beautiful green spaces, like Lions Trail and Westview Park. No wonder living in Newcastle is a great experience!

Hungry? Newcastle offers diverse dining options, including local favourites like: 

  • Walsh’s The Snug 
  • Captain George Fish & Chips
  • Wong’s Palace
  • And Papa’s Pizza Land. 

2. Courtice: Neighbourhood with Great Suburban Charm and Amenities

Our second pick, Courtice, enjoys a good Livability Score of 69/100, with crime rates 4% lower than Clarington’s average.

Living costs mirror the Clarington average. But it boasts a median income of $120,069, which is 37% higher than Ontario. 

The neighborhood is home to several excellent schools:

  • Courtice Secondary School
  • S T Worden Public School
  • Monsignor Leo Cleary Catholic Elementary School
  • Dr Emily Stowe School
  • And Dr G J MacGillivray Public School.

In addition, it offers a variety of parks and cultural sites like the Oshawa Community Museum. Families can also enjoy various eateries ranging from Subway to ohShawarma.

1. Bowmanville: Exceptional Livability with Affordable Living Costs

Wondering why Clarington is a good place to live? Bowmanville is one of the reasons. It has an impressive livability score of 78/100. Also, its cost of living is 2% lower than average. 

Additionally, the median income here is $103,930. That’s 19% higher than the Ontario average.

However, crime rates in Bowmanville are 8% higher than the Clarington average. If you need a safer place, you may want to consider Courtice instead. 

Educational Excellence

Bowmanville is rich in educational opportunities, boasting a selection of schools such as: 

  • Duke of Cambridge Public School
  • St. Stephen Catholic Secondary School
  • Bowmanville High School
  • Charles Bowman Public School
  • And Central Public School.

Each institution offers a robust educational experience. Your children will have access to quality learning!

Parks and Recreation for a Happy Family

For leisure and recreation, families can enjoy a variety of parks, including Rotary Park and Squire Fletcher Parkette. These host community events and activities year-round. 

This community focus makes for an enriching environment where families can thrive.

Cultural and Culinary Richness

No neighborhood tops Bowmanville for its cultural offerings and culinary diversity. 

Clarington Museums and Archives give a glimpse into the past. At the same time, you can enjoy present-day pleasures at local eateries like Copperworks. 

The food scene offers something for every palate, from Hanc’s Food Truck to the classic charm of Village Inn.

Your Journey Home to One of the Best Neighborhoods in Clarington for Families Starts Now

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We’ll get back to you with personalized listings that suit your preferences. 

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Brandon Stanway combines 20 years of law enforcement experience with top-notch real estate acumen as a RE/MAX Sales Representative. Teaming up with his wife Danielle at Stanway Properties, his deep understanding of the Durham Region’s neighborhoods and people translates into exceptional service and results for his clients. A leader in innovative real estate marketing, Brandon leverages the latest technologies to showcase properties uniquely and effectively. He’s a community advocate, serving on charitable boards and supporting local initiatives, reflecting his dedication to the region he calls home. With Brandon, clients experience a seamless blend of professional excellence and heartfelt community commitment.


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