Why is Clarington a Good Place to Live

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Are you feeling the squeeze in your current living situation and looking for a home that fits your growing family’s needs? Or perhaps you’re finding the maintenance of a large property overwhelming as you move into your golden years. 

Maybe you’re in the midst of a major life transition, like a job transfer, and need to navigate a swift and efficient move. Do financial constraints make the dream of homeownership seem just out of reach?

If any of these situations resonate with you, you’re not alone. Each stage in life comes with its own set of housing challenges. Here’s the good news: wherever you are in life, Clarington has something to offer.  

Wondering why is Clarington a good place to live? Here are some reasons:

  • Affordable cost of living
  • Low crime rate
  • Inclusive communities
  • Ample transportation options
  • Vibrant arts and culture scene

Affordable Cost of Living 

Clarington is a great place if you’re a first-time homebuyer or just generally mindful of your budget. 

It’s a picturesque town on Lake Ontario that stands out in terms of affordability. Its cost of living is 14% lower than the Ontario average. 

In Clarington, you’ll find that:

  • Home Prices: They are more manageable compared to many other places in Ontario. Your dream of owning a home is more achievable here.
  • Daily Living Costs: From grocery shopping to utilities, the expenses are reasonable, helping you save more of your hard-earned money.
  • Balanced Lifestyle: You get to relish a life that boasts both quality and affordability. This allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds without compromising on your financial goals.

Clarington is a welcoming financial landscape for both first-time buyers and downsizers.

Clarington Area Is Safe and Serene

Are you looking for a town where safety and peace of mind are a part of everyday life? Clarington is just that place.

There’s a reason why it is consistently ranked as one of the best places to raise a family in Canada. Here, crime rates are 11% lower than the Ontario average. No wonder it’s a secure choice for individuals and families looking for a place to call home.

The sense of security you’ll find in Clarington is what families cherish the most:

  • Safe Living: As mentioned, neighbourhoods across Clarington are known for their safety. This enables residents to live without the constant worry about crime.
  • Community Policing: The local law enforcement takes the community-oriented approach. They work closely with residents to maintain trust and security in the area.
  • Protection for All Ages: Kids and seniors especially enjoy the secure atmosphere prevalent in Clarington.

Clarington has a great reputation for safety. That, combined with its excellent livability, reaffirms why it’s an ideal spot to settle down.

Inclusive Community

Clarington is widely acknowledged as one of the best places to live for those seeking contentment and a sense of belonging.

In fact, they have a 2024-2027 Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti-Racism strategy. You’ll surely find neighbourhoods that celebrate diversity and cater to a variety of lifestyles. 

The strength of Clarington’s community is in its connectivity. Yes, in its transportation and infrastructure. But also in the deep connections people make with one another. This fosters a collective sense of happiness and well-being.

Whether you’re single, part of a growing family, or enjoying retirement, there is a place for you!

Getting Around with Ease 

Living in Clarington, you can enjoy the cosiness of a small town with the added benefit of excellent connectivity. This is a key part of what makes it such a great place to live in the Durham region. 

The city offers a reliable network of public transportation options that simplify commuting:

  • Bus Routes: Numerous bus lines run through Clarington. This ensures residents can travel efficiently throughout the city.
  • GO Transit: For those who work or play in Toronto or other parts of Durham, the GO Transit station in Bowmanville is a valuable asset. It is part of a broader network that provides extensive travel opportunities.
  • Cycling Paths: A variety of cycling routes cater to residents who prefer an eco-friendly mode of transportation. These paths are also ideal for those looking to incorporate physical activity into their daily commute.

This comprehensive transportation system simplifies daily travel for residents. It also bolsters the local job market by providing easy access to workplaces within Clarington and in the surrounding areas.

Robust Arts, Culture, and Recreation Scene in the Durham Region

Clarington is a home filled with a lively arts scene and a wide range of recreational pursuits. You’ll have an abundance of options to stay engaged and entertained. It’s a place where the love for arts and history is evident in the local galleries and museums that dot the city.

  • Diverse Arts Scene: Discover Clarington’s visual arts scene with galleries and workshops for creativity. Enjoy live performances and crafting for all art enthusiasts.
  • Cultural Richness: The city’s heritage is proudly showcased in local museums, inviting all to explore and celebrate the rich tapestry of its history.
  • Community Celebrations: Year-round festive events are a cornerstone for community togetherness in Clarington.

Living in Clarington offers a luxurious blend of culture, art, and leisure. It’s a hometown with diverse amenities at your doorstep.

The Best Places to Live in Clarington

You might be wondering. Out of the best neighbourhoods in Clarington, two in particular stand out. The answer is: Newcastle and Bowmanville. 

Newcastle: Picturesque and Safe

Newcastle is a serene town situated on the shores of Lake Ontario. It is known for its peaceful atmosphere and has a high livability score of 77 100.

Of course, safety is a priority. Its crime rate is 36% lower than the national average.

Newcastle’s housing is also notably affordable, with costs 34% below the national average. The town’s prosperity—the median household income is 35% above the national average—adds to its appeal. 

This combination of factors makes Newcastle an attractive choice for homebuyers.

Bowmanville: The Ideal Family-Friendly Neighborhood

Topping the list, Bowmanville shines with a livability score of 78/100. It offers a unique blend of historical charm and modern amenities.  Yes, this includes convenient Toronto commutes via GO Transit.

Here are quick facts about Bowmanville you’d want to check in:

  • Historic and modern: A lively main street that combines old-world allure and modern conveniences.
  • Lush green spaces: Plenty of options for outdoor enthusiasts and families.
  • High livability: Attractive standard of living in a cost-effective setting.
  • Safe environment: The crime rate is 30% lower than the national average.
  • Strong income: Median household income exceeds the national average by 26%.
  • Affordable housing: Costs are 41% lower than the national average.
  • Healthy job market: Unemployment rates fall below the national figure.

Newcastle and Bowmanville both provide a mix of safety, low cost of living, and good quality of life

Now You Know Why is Clarington a Good Place to Live…

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Brandon Stanway

Brandon Stanway


Brandon Stanway combines 20 years of law enforcement experience with top-notch real estate acumen as a RE/MAX Sales Representative. Teaming up with his wife Danielle at Stanway Properties, his deep understanding of the Durham Region’s neighborhoods and people translates into exceptional service and results for his clients. A leader in innovative real estate marketing, Brandon leverages the latest technologies to showcase properties uniquely and effectively. He’s a community advocate, serving on charitable boards and supporting local initiatives, reflecting his dedication to the region he calls home. With Brandon, clients experience a seamless blend of professional excellence and heartfelt community commitment.


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